All dogs attending Dog Kingdom must be:

  • At least 5 months of age

  • Completely up-to-date on all immunizations

  • Non-aggressive and non-protective of food/toys

  • Spayed/neutered at the appropriate age

  • On an effective flea control

  • Dog & people friendly

  • In general good health; no limping/lameness

All dogs MUST pass an evaluation before attending daycare

Evaluations cost $30, payable at the time the appointment is made, and they last half an hour.  Please call ahead to schedule an evaluation!

What is a typical day at ruby’s daycare for dogs?

The gang starts rolling in at 7:15am and plays like crazy until nap time (11am-1pm), when dogs take a necessary cool-down break in a crate or a pen. Our employees do some cleaning, and take their own breaks. After nap time, everyone comes out and continues playing until their humans arrive to pick them up. Your dog will be happy & tired upon pick-up so you can enjoy a nice calm evening with your dog at home!

What are Social Sessions?

At Ruby’s, we are firm believers in healthy dog-to-dog socialization, and we understand that some dogs are more shy or awkward than others. To help them break out of their shell and learn proper play skills, we offer half hour social sessions. These sessions are held in a separate room, where we can bring dogs in one at a time to make sure your dog does not become overwhelmed. This service is provided by appointment (Monday & Wednesday from 9am-2pm &Friday from 9am-1pm). Payment for this service is $30, due at the time your appointment is made.

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